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Meeting between Poraka Nova and the mayor of Struga Municipality

Succesful meeting between Poraka Nova,one of the partners of the project Youth Banks Network Macedonia and the mayor of Struga,Ramiz Merko.

The goal of the meeting was introducing and presenting the project and the model of the youth banks.

The representatives of Poraka Nova, Stefan Maleski and Maja Taleska discussed the goals and benefits of youth banks for young people, including the acquisition of skills for employment and life skills.

They also shared examples of how the model is already being implemented around the world and the region.

At the meeting, it was also discussed about the strategy for the young people of Struga municipality between 2015-2020 period.

Pointed out were the priorities which the achievement of Youth Banks Network Macedonia project would be able to assist.

Stefan Maleski highlighted that the implementation of the Youth Banks Network Macedonia project itself is under the authority  of the so-called board of Youth Banks that functions at municipal level and that the introduction of this model should also become an integral part of the strategy itself.

After the presentation, the Mayor of Struga, Ramiz Merko showed interest and openness for cooperation.

The mayor believes that the model of Youth Banks brings positive benefits for the youth and the community and that the implementation of this project would bring positive results in the municipality he manages.

The meetings with the representatives of the municipalities are part of the campaign for introducing the model of youth banks in Macedonia, run by Youth Banks Network, with 13 organizations as members.