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The model Youth Banks Network – Macedonia presented in the Municipality of Struga

The model Youth Banks Network – Macedonia was presented on a meeting that was held in the Municipality of Struga last week.

The meeting was opened by Stefan Maleski, a representative of Porka Nova, a member of the Youth Banks Network and a coordinator of the Municipality of Struga, who focused on the previous meetings, what has been discussed so far, and pointed that all participants showed interest in cooperation and implementation of the process itself. It was also emphasized the support of the mayor himself who made the maximum effort to implement the project itself in the Municipality.

Subsequently, the project proposal was divided to all participants in which all conclusions and suggestions for implementation in which direction the project should move in this phase of implementation were presented. Among the participants, there was a debate about how the project would be implemented in the Municipality of Struga. The conclusions reached in the individual meetings that took place in the past period were highlighted, but there was room for new ones to be imposed and to consider all the mechanisms how this project would be implemented in Struga.

Some of the participants expressed their opinion in their domain according to their previous experience and as a result, a discussion was developed that recognizes that there are some issues that need to be considered, and decide to successfully proceed with the realization of the further process, according to the rules that are prescribed.

Until the next meeting, it was agreed to resolve the above obstacles and shortcomings for the further process, to submit a request to the Mayor of the Municipality to define the responsibilities and allocation of funds for the project itself, while also preparing a memorandum of cooperation between the Municipality and the organizations.

The project currently has 13 civil society organizations and works on introducing the model of Youth Banks in the country in order to help stimulate youth employment and activate youth at the local level in decision making on behalf of the youth and cooperation with the local government.