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Another meeting in the Municipality of Ohrid

A new meeting between the Association for Multicultural Integration, “Inclusion” and representatives from the Municipality of Ohrid.

Vesna Cvetanoska, a representative from the Association for Multicultural Integration, “Inclusion” met with Dimitar Spaseski, Head of the Unit for Youth and NGOs in the Municipality of Ohrid where she presented the Youth Bank Model, as well as the previous steps that have been realized with the authorities from the Municipality.

Mr. Spaseski confirmed the decision to give the Municipality financial support for the realization of the project activities, as previously agreed with the deputy mayor, who is also chairman of the municipal finance committee. The funds for this purpose will be placed in the budget for the next year, 2019.

The public debate on the budget will take place in December and will be of an open type.

The head of the department for youth and NGOs also agreed on the establishment of the local youth council which should take place in the first half of 2019, with an act of the mayor. This body will be used as a tool for realization of all activities related to the Youth Banks Model.