Collaboration between Youth Banks Network Macedonia and European Policy Institute (EPI)

In the frame of the project Youth Banks Network Macedonia, supported by USAID’s Civic Engagement Project, 2 young researchers from the European Policy Institute – ЕPI were hired to develop a basic study and recommendations for employment of young people in Macedonia.

The selected young researchers offered the most original idea and most appropriate knowledge and experience needed to produce the required documents, in a choice of over 34 other applications.

Their work responsibilities will be divided into two phases: first, the preparation of a basic study and the second, making recommendations for adopting policies for youth employment.

The urge to apply for this research emerged from the desire to contribute in improving the position of young people in our society, especially for their socio-economic involvement. Additionally, I consider that the youth involvement can greatly contribute to the local development. Knowing that certain measures and policies adopted at the local level can contribute to a sense of belonging and involvement of youth in their municipalities, we were interested in researching the current situation and developing recommendations that would bring sustainable solutions. Thus, we hope that by determinating the needs identified by young people, we will contribute to better local policies that are designed with the participation of young people, thereby improving the youth employment and inclusion at the national level. “- said Aleksandra Ivanovska, researcher at the European Policy Institute – ЕPI.

Topics the study will include:

  • Contextualization: building the identity of young people in a complex society, youth and social cohesion;
  • Terminological delineations: youth employment, youth participation, youth inclusion, sustainable employability, social-emotional decision-making, local development;
  • Policies for youth employment and good practices in international and European documents;
  • Strategic documents for young people and previous research on the topic in Macedonia;
  • Concluding observations.

The three sets of recommendations for youth employment will need to include a total of 21 recommendations on the following topics:

  1. General recommendations for youth employment in Macedonia;
  2. Youth employment and local development in Macedonia;
  3. Youth employment for socio-economic inclusion of young people in Macedonia.