Meeting in Municipality of Prilep: youth inclusion for a better community

How to increase youth involvement and activism? How young people can contribute to their communities and improve their lives?

These and many other questions were discussed at the meeting between representatives of the Youth Council Prilep and Cvete Stanojoska – a representative from the Department for Local Economic Development of the Municipality of Prilep.

The meeting was a follow-up activity on several previous meetings of the two stakeholders. The meeting defined the conditions for cooperation with the Municipality in order to implement the model of the Youth Bank, whereby it was concluded that in order to facilitate easier and faster implementation of the project, the Model of Youth Banks could be part of the work of the Council of Youth of the Municipality of Prilep.

Further on, the Municipality’s benefits in the project involvement, were discussed: direct involvement of young people in the social life, motivated and active young people who want to live and build a future in their municipality, as well as the opportunity for promotion of the municipality in the field of improving the environment for the youth in the municipality.