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Second Capacity Building Training of Youth Banks Network Macedonia (YBNM)

Successful cooperation so far in many municipalities, successful meetings and strengthened Network were part of the shared and achieved results of the past year, with which the second training for capacity building and the creation of the Youth Banks Network in Macedonia was opened.

At the very beginning, the participants shared their further expectations from the Youth Banks Network and what the Youth Banks model would mean for their organizations. The participants also discussed about youth inclusion, they worked on what was needed to establish a Board of Youth Banks and its function. Part of the sessions were dedicated to advocacy, building partnerships, as well as the connection between the Youth Banks model and social entrepreneurship.

At the second training held in the Hotel Ambassador, Skopje, from 17th to 19th December 2018, representatives from the municipalities Gazi Baba, Kisela Voda, Novaci, Bogovinje, Krivogashtani attended, together with the representatives of the organizations members of the Youth Banks Network MladiinfoCEFE Macedonia – ЦЕФЕ МакедонијаInnova Lab BitolaВолонтерски Центар СкопјеYouth AlliancePORAKA NOVAYouth Can – Младите МожатYouth Empowerment Platform – YEPYouth Council Prilep -Младински Совет ПрилепЗдружение на граѓани ИНТЕРКУЛТУРАMultikulturaЗдружение за мултикултурна интеграција Инклузија -Inclusion.

The aim of this training was to strengthen the capacities of the whole Network, to make the stakeholders aware of the process of fundraising, as well as to identify the processes, steps, and the tasks that arise within the introduction of the Youth Banks model.

We asked some of the participants what they expect and want to achieve in the framework of this project in the new 2019th year. Some of the answers were:

“I wish in the new 2019 the Youth Banks Network – Macedonia to bring new opportunities for the youth on a local level. Finally, young people to have a chance to solve problems in their communities independently. I expect a strong network that will support dozens of youth projects in the future.” – Anelija Mitrova, Youth Alliance Krushevo

“Youth banks are an innovative model that I believe will become a success story for many young people. In 2019, I expect that the model will bring a range of opportunities for young people to realize projects independently that will improve the social life of the local communities” – Ratko Ajcev – CEFE Macedonia, Bitola

“I expect in the year 2019 the municipality of Gazi Baba to start applying the Youth Banks model. Through this model, the municipality will motivate and attract young people to take an active part, to be engaged in various activities and projects and to make positive changes together in our local community and society. “ Emilija Gjurchinovska Matevska – Gazi Baba Municipality, Skopje

Positive change for the community, dedication, trust, respect, mutual support from all members and stakeholders, participation and equality were part of the most important values of the Youth Banks Network that the participants identified as such.

At the beginning of next year it is foreseen a mentor to be engaged who will work with the entire Network for capacity building, another plenary assembly of the YB Network and 3 panel discussions.

The Youth Banks Network Macedonia project is supported by Civic Engagement Project-Macedonia.