Sostanok Opstina 04.01.2019

Meeting with representative from the Municipality of Prilep

On 04.01.2019 in the premises of the Municipality of Prilep, a coordinative meeting was held between the Director of the Youth Council Prilep – Zoran Ilieski and the representative from the Department for Local Economic Development from the Municipality of Prilep.

The coordinative meeting was held with the purpose of sharing information on the activities undertaken so far between the Network and the Youth Council Prilep in the framework of the project Youth Banks Network Macedonia as well as defining the next steps and activities foreseen with the project. At the meeting, opinions and attitudes were shared regarding the establishment and work of the Youth Council of the Municipality of Prilep, which will play a key role in the project activities, their way of selection, competencies, and activities. The Youth Council will have the role of the Board of the YB. At the same time, it was also discussed about the Annual Program for Youth of the Municipality of Prilep for 2019, which will have a significant role in the work of the Youth Council of the municipality, which will also give importance to the Youth Bank model for the community and youth in the municipality.

The Youth Council Prilep, together with the Municipality of Prilep, expressed the will for further mutual cooperation regarding the successful implementation of the Model of youth banks in the municipality of Prilep.