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Meeting between Youth Council Prilep and LAG Agro Lider

On the 13th of February in the Youth Council Prilep, was held a meeting between a representative of the Youth Council Prilep – Maja Stevanovska and a representative of LAG Agrolider – Daniela Cvetanoska.

The main aim of the meeting was defining the following directions and steps that have to be taken, especially in the Municipality of Krivogashtani related to the project Youth Banks Network. During the meeting were specified the concrete measures that will be undertaken by the Youth Council Prilep and LAG Agrolider in order to get closer to the course of the project activities, its full and faster implementation.

Also, was discussed about the activities that have been already done, the tasks that have been realized so far, about the benefits for the young people that we can transfer to the municipalities for the purpose of development of the municipality, as well as for the youth at the local and regional level.

The next steps in the cooperation include organizing a joint meeting in the Municipality of Krivogashtani, with representatives of LAG Agrolider and support of the Youth Council Prilep.