Panel discussion with youth in the municipality of Prilep

Last week, Youth Council Prilep held a panel discussion on the topic: “Socio-economic perspectives of youth from the Municipality of Prilep and the Pelagonija planning region”.

The panel discussion was attended by 30 young people from the Municipality of Prilep, the Mayor of the Municipality, the President of the Youth Council Prilep – Zoran Ilieski and professors from several faculties in Macedonia. During the discussion, young people shared their problems, the challenges they faced and were presented measures and for the situation in which young people are today, their perspectives and views.

One of the possible measures that young people can be actively involved in the decision-making process is the Local Advisory Body of the Municipality of Prilep, which was presented by the Mayor of the Municipality of Prilep. At the same time, the President of the Youth Council Prilep – Zoran Ilieski presented to the youth, the Youth Banks Model with which young people will have the opportunity to propose ideas and solutions for improving the lives of young people in the Municipality of Prilep. With this project youth will have the right to submit proposals and projects for which they will get funding, they will be able to develop their innovation and creativity, etc. The youth showed great interest in this idea and strongly supported it.

Youth Council Prilep together with the Municipality of Prilep will continue to promote the project Youth Banks Network in front of the youth and the business community from the Municipality of Prilep.