How to get the youth concept of Youth Banks?

Youth Bank, youth initiatives, youth actions, actions for youth… seemingly simple projects that should emerge from young people or young people to initiate and lead them!

Yes, we are proud that every day we have an increasing recognition of youth work and that we belong to a successful sector called YOUTH SECTOR! However, all these simple projects are based on experience, knowledge and capacities, important for the success of the initiatives, actions and projects!

So with the process of development of Youth Banks! A seemingly youthful project that will involve young people in decision-making processes and positive social changes in our community.

The complexity of our society and the preoccupation with daily activities do not allow experienced youth workers to outline the idea of Youth Banks within the country. Youth Aliance Krusevo as one of the members of the Youth Banks Network Macedonia, believe that the concept of youth banks will be successful as well in Krushevo. We just need to show that young people need support!

The goal of this project is to introduce a model of youth banks in the country that will help stimulate youth employment and activate youth at the local level to make their own decisions.