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Second plenary meeting of the Youth Banks Network – Macedonia

The second plenary meeting of the Youth Banks Network – Macedonia which was held at the premises of Mladiinfo International was dedicated to all the achievements of the Network’s work so far.

The main purpose of the meeting was to prepare an action plan for implementation of the model of youth banks, after the completion of the Youth Banks Network – Macedonia project.

The next steps that could be realized and applied in Macedonia regarding the youth banks model were discussed, as well as how the whole project can get active and trained young people who would later be part of the youth councils in the municipalities. Also at the meeting were presented the results of the research, as well as the offered recommendations and the guide of youth banks developed by the founding members in order to help the municipalities understand the process, as well as young people to recognize the opportunities provided by the youth banks model. During the meeting, participants had the opportunity to work on processes of mapping the steps and tasks as well as to develop a mini plan for future activities. They also worked on mapping processes and identification of the internal capacities of the members of the Youth Banks Network – Macedonia.

We discussed in details how this model would function the best in the municipalities that are already in the process of establishing and recognizing the youth banks,  and how to fit this model into the existing municipal programs in order to implement the activities that are already planned.

We asked some of the participants at this meeting why the concept of youth banks is needed in our country, why businesses and municipalities should advocate for the introduction of this model and what kind of benefits young people can have from the youth banks model:

Young people need the model of youth banks in order to develop a sense of belonging in the community, also addressing specific local challenges, while gaining the opportunity to develop their skills for employment. While for the municipalities, this model is needed to encourage youth activism and youth participation in the decision-making process on issues that affect them.” – said Elizabeta Tosheva, president of Innova Lab, Bitola

On the other hand, Anita Nikolovska, a representative from Youth Can – Skopje, added: “Youth need this model, because it will enable them to detect the challenges they face themselves, also will help them to make decisions and jointly implement their ideas for a better life in their local communities.”

Similar thoughts were shared by Marjan Icoski from Mladinfo International, Skopje: “The youth banks model will contribute to the development of quality and professional young workers who will strengthen and advance local business communities with their knowledge and skills. With this model, the businesses will also increase their social responsibility and will contribute to creating a better standard of living for the local communities. “

In the near future, the Youth Banks Network – Macedonia will work on signing memorandums with the municipalities in order to form and establish the youth banks model in the country.