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Meeting for Cooperation and Quality Improvement of Youth Policies

How to have better coordination, cooperation and better youth policies in Macedonia? Representatives of the youth organizations and alliances, representatives of the Parliament and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the Agency for Youth and Sport, as well as representatives of the USAID Civil Society Project, discussed this issue during the first meeting.

All of the representatives explained the programs and priorities for the youth on which they are working, and concluded that it is more than necessary for youth organizations to co-operate with each other, to coordinate the ideas and projects that are being implemented to avoid overlapping on the  level of organizations and state authorities, such as and youth organizations with their activities to contribute to better quality programs on a state level.

Some of the conclusion and the next steps are that the youth organizations need to be included in the processes which apply to them. Another meeting for information on the Law on Youth is announced, and the next meeting will be for coordination on the youth organization.  The attendees concluded that the state authorities need to continue to be transparent and to conduct inclusive processes, where youth organization can be directly involved, and if inclusion goes hand in hand, it needs to be ensured that everyone’s voice is heard. The consultative meetings of this and similar format need to become a practice.

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