The introduction of the model of youth banks in Macedonia is aimed at initiating cooperation between the business sector, the civil sector and local authorities. We believe that this model will contribute to develop youth employment skills.

The model of youth banks envisages the creation of funds for youth at the municipal level, which will be filled with municipal funds, as well as funds provided by the civil society organizations in cooperation with the business community or through donor projects. The fund will support projects / local civic actions by informal groups of young people or individuals who will aim to contribute to the promotion of life in the local community. The model predicts that the assets will manage the so-called boards of youth banks, formed at the municipal level, and composed of young people from the municipality itself.

They will work under the mentorship of a youth representative from the municipality, as well as a representative of the Youth Banks Network.

Through this model, young people are directly involved in the processes and issues affecting them, working on their skills for employment (writing projects, making decisions, working with a budget, working with media, entrepreneurial skills), but also in life skills (teamwork, problem recognition, empathy, solidarity, creativity). Municipalities, on the other hand, receive active young people working on the promotion of the community they live in, as well as improved quality of life in the community itself.