The network of youth banks – Macedonia is aiming for young people to stay in the country and to have conditions for a better future! For this purpose and within the framework of the project, in the past 9 months, lots of meetings were held, and a lot of topics were discussed.

The policy recommendations were discussed on more than 20 meetings with relevant stakeholders and disseminated in the country including relevant national and international stakeholders.

In the first half of the year, various meetings were held and on most of them the model of Youth Banks was presented and areas for cooperation were identified. The meetings were also a good place for collecting policy proposals.

In the following months, the meetings were more concrete meaning that their purpose was to provide a more in-depth presentation of the project as well as to discuss some details of the benefits YBNM will bring for the youth on a local level. The discussions were dedicated for concrete support in the advocacy processes.

Additional meetings from all the members of the Network will follow and we will share updates accordingly.