In the frame of the YBNM project, 21 recommendations are produced on the topics aimed at youth employment, local development and socio-economic inclusion of young people in Macedonia.

So far all members of the YB Network had an opportunity to meet and discuss with many relevant stakeholders, who always emphasized the need of building long-lasting partnerships and strategic approach towards the burning issues in Macedonian society.

The conclusions of those meetings often went in line with how to develop a collaboration that will work towards creating social cohesion in Macedonia and to have young people as bearers of those positive changes in the country. With youth facing enormous brain-drain, being socially excluded, and detached from the communities they live in, the stakeholders emphasized the need to create a model that will work on developing strong bonds between youth and the local community as a nuclei of their socialization, as well as models that will provide sustainability: youth should develop skills not only to work but to be ready for life and advance the communities they live in.

The policy recommendations will definitely help the current situation in our societies and will provide some directions in which these developments might go.