Founding Members

Association for Education Mladiinfo International


Association for Education Mladiinfo International – By providing free career and educational opportunities for youth and offering them help, advice, and support through the process of personal and professional development, Mladiinfo has a direct impact on the lives of youth, empowering them and motivating them for action. Mladiinfo promotes active citizenship and critical thinking, where young people become shapers of their societies. Working actively in the fields of youth information, youth empowerment, and social entrepreneurship, Mladiinfo network creates a true youth podium globally where young minds can also share their thoughts, knowledge and skills. Constant learning, appreciating diversity and sharing knowledge and experiences, are some of the core values. Mladiinfo believes in a world based on knowledge-sharing and an open access for everyone, where young people are actively advancing their society using new technologies, and are free from prejudices.


Poraka Nova Struga


Poraka Nova Struga – Centre for improvement of the quality of life of the persons with intellectual disability and their families PORAKA NOVA. Their mission is improving the quality of life of the persons with intellectual disability and of their families.





Youth Alliance – Krusevo

Youth Alliance – Krusevo is an independent, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization founded in 1999. Our members (70-80 members) are young people between 15 and 35 who work, study or express their interest in the process of EU integration of our country. YAK is run by young people for young people, enabling a great experience for all of its stakeholders.

Youth Council Prilep

Youth Council Prilep –  From the founding of Youth Council Prilep (YCP) in 1999, YCP has been a youth nongovernmental organization in Prilep, Macedonia focusing on the Pelagonia region of Macedonia. YCP seeks to build the capacity of young people in a participative and sustainable manner. Youth Council Prilep supports young people to participate in democratic processes, empowering them to grow into active citizens.

Cefe Makedonija – CEFE Macedonia

Cefe Makedonija –  CEFE Macedonia is an organization founded in 2008 in Skopje, Macedonia and they work mainly with youth and organizations for promoting and raising entrepreneurship and self employability skills. The mission of CEFE Macedonia is to improve entrepreneurial performance of economic actors by stimulating entrepreneurship and business development skills. They believe and work towards building entrepreneurial society and teach people to be innovators and entrepreneurs. Their main standards in work are proficiency and professionalism in everything we are doing. Their main activities are trainings, consultancy and workshops.




Multikultura – Multikultura is a leading civil rights organization promoting youth activism and participation in decision making and development of cultural and inter-ethnic tolerance and cooperation, established in August 2000. The association has more than 100 active members, whose number is constantly increasing. About 30 volunteers participate in organizing, managing and conducting activities. The voluntary forum, as one of the bodies of the association, is made up by the volunteers themselves.



Youth Can



Youth Can – Youth Can mission is to empower young people to take active participation in the development of their own community trough social and youth activism as a powerful tool to change and respond to their own or the needs of the community.




Volunteer Center Skopje


Volunteer Center Skopje
– VCS Skopje аs an active provider of information and opportunities for volunteering and nonformal education, both locally and internationally, and has taken an active role in bringing to the use of European funds and programs to youth and their involvement in decision-making and youth information.



LAG Agro Lider

LAG Agro Lider – Association for Rural Development LOCAL ACTION GROUP AGRO LEADER Krivogastani is a voluntary, non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan association formed with free association. The main goal and task of AGRO LEADER KRIVOGASHTANI is to promote and contribute to sustainable rural development on the territory of the municipalities of Dolneni, Krivogastani, Krusevo and Prilep through initiatives, partnerships and utilization of the existing endogenous potential.



Youth Empowerment Platform

Youth Empowerment Platform – YEP strives to empower the youth of Macedonia through non-formal education, civic participation, democracy building and grassroots activities.




Innova Lab Bitola


Innova Lab Bitola a Center for educational and development initiatives. Their main goal is promoting innovative educational ideas and progrms, and increasing the creative potential of young people through non-formal education. The mission of the Center is increasing the opportunities, creating innovative educational and development initiatives, and encouraging creative action.



Organization for Cultural Collaboration Interkultura

Interkultura is organization that successfully works on solving the  needs and priorities of young people, promotes intercultural dialogue,  acts on a local, national and international level. The main goal of  the organization is to promote youth work through non-formal education  as well as promote the culture of all ethnic communities living in Macedonia.



Association for Multicultural Integration – Inclusion

Association for Multicultural Integration – Inclusion – The Association for Multicultural Integration Inclusion was established in 2011 in Ohrid by young intellectuals from different ethnic communities, in the direction of promotion of human rights, integration, social inclusion in ethnic communities and society without discrimination and inequality.